Attention All Shempers. YouTube has SHEMP VIDEO CLIPS for you to enjoy! There are even excerpts from the Made for TV Movie! WOW! Just click our YouTube link, sit back and get ready to laugh your @$$ off! You don't have to spend a dime!
OOOOH...That's gotta hurt!

An entire section dedicated to Shemp getting hurt!

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Excerpts of an Inside Edition broadcast just before the debut airing of The 3 Stooges made for TV Movie. We guess they wanted the REAL story!

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Three Stooges Beer??

We know, this is not a 3 Stooges site... but we just received these 3 great photos and felt it was our duty to educate the planet and enlighten the human race....

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Wanna read what you, the fans thought about the made - for -TV movie, "The 3 Stooges"? Click Here
An historical article from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review written in 2004. Thanks Dan! Click here.
What'd I Eat?
Family Tree
Astrological Chart! Historical Article
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Shemp had more than a way with words, he defined comedic vocal characterizations. (funny sounds) Here is a healthy dose of pure Shempisms. Click Here!
A Very Personal Essay from Jill and Sandi, Shemp's very own Granddaughters. You can't get this stuff anywhere else!

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Wanna see that Great Bronze Bust of Shemp again?
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Born Samuel Horwitz • Brooklyn, New York • March 17, 1895 - November 23, 1955

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The Bottle Opener!
The 3 Stooges Talking Bottle Opener! When they make one that says "EEBEEBEEBEEBEEBEE", we'll take 5,000 of 'em!

Wall of Shemp
Games, photos, stories and MORE!

The Wonderful Christine McIntyre
Of course you remember Christine McIntyre, the talented actress who co-starred with the boys in so many great films. Who could forget the beating she gave Shemp when she found out he wasn't 'Cousin Basil' in 'Brideless Groom?' Bill Telfer has started a site dedicated to this great lady at: "The Wonderful Christine McIntyre"

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"Hello Friends!" Pictured above, are Jill Howard Ullo and Sandie Howard Isaac, the granddaughters of Shemp Howard. Jill and Sandie grew-up hearing stories of Shemp and his life from their grandmother, Shemp's wife, Babe.
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